Welcome to Maternal-Fetal Medicine of the Palm Beaches 

You are probably very nervous about being referred to a “high risk” pregnancy doctor, and understandably so. Rest assured that our number one priority is ensuring competent and compassionate care for you and your baby. Being referred to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist (or “high-risk” pregnancy doctor) often just means that you and your baby need a little more attention than the average pregnant woman. Hopefully, we can also alleviate some of your anxiety.  

Please take some time to peruse our website. You can find helpful information on; “what is maternal-fetal medicine”, new patient forms, and links to other helpful websites.  

My entire staff and I are looking forward to meeting you and sharing in your pregnancy journey!

Aaron B. Deutsch, MD
Board Certified OB/GYN
Board Certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine